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Cardio Equipment

Cardiovascular training is a very important part of achieving your goals. Your goal will dictate the use of the cardio equipment in the gym. Goals include rehab to weight loss, fitness to mobility, for all of these goals cardio machines are paramount. 

With ample equipment and space, our aim is to ensure our members are facilitated by providing a spacious, air conditioned gym incorporating all of the following cardio equipment:
5 Treadmills 
3 Cross trainers
4 bikes
2 stepper machines
2 Concept 2 Rowers

Resistance & Free Weight Equipment

Resistance training is an exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance to increase strength, tone, mass, and/or muscular endurance.

 Chest Press Resistance Machine
Shoulder Press Resistance Machine
 Leg Press Resistance Machine
 Lat Pulldown Resistance Machine
 Leg Curl Resistance Machine
 Leg Extension Resistance Machine
 Multi Direction Cable Resistance Machine
 Squat Rack
 3 Free Weights Benches
 Free Weights (From 2kg to 40kg)

 Personalised Gym Programmes
 Complimentary Gym Induction, Health Screen & Nutrition information 

 Classes including:
Low impact, cardiovascular and muscular endurance workout. Using different speeds and resistance on a stationary bike to great music. 
***Pre Booking Essential

Focuses on balancing posture, strength with particular emphasis on core strength to improve overall wellbeing and flexibility. Mat based exercises.

Variety of different stations working your upper, mid and lower regions of your body.  It consists of aerobic, anaerobic and cardiovascular exercises.
Kettle Bells
Build strength, stabilization & blast fat with a range of full body movements. Fantastic cardio class & interesting way to combine fitness and definition. 
Aqua Aerobics
Water based exercise to suit all age profiles. Cardiovascular exercises and toning movements which causes less strain on the muscles. Low impact exercises but is still a great workout.
Rip 60 suspension Training 
Fun way of training the body with suspension ropes. Each exercise focuses on pushing, pulling, lunging, and squatting for a total body workout
***Pre Booking Essential

Click here for our April Class Schedule
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