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Leisure Club Re-Open Procedures

To ensure the safety of all our members and staff and to prevent the spread of infection we have had to put a number of measures in place, we will be updating these regularly:

  • We have a new booking system in place for our members. You will be able to book your time slot for the Pool or Gym 72 hrs in advance at reception by email; leisureclub@charlevilleparkhotel.com or tel; 063 33790
  • (1 ¼ hour for Gym use & 1 & ½ hrs for Pool & Changing room use) see time slots below.


Pool: 6.30-8am, 8.30-10am, 10.30-12pm, 12.30-2pm, 2.30-4pm, 4.30-6pm, 6.30-8pm

Gym: 6.30-7.45am, 8-9.15am, 9.30-10.45am, 11-12.15pm, 12.30-1.45pm, 2-3.15pm, 3.30-4.45pm, 5-6.15pm, 6.30-7.45pm

OAP Time Slots: Pool (Tues & Fri)10.30-12pm, Gym (Mon & Wed) 2-3.15pm

Pool: 8.00-9.30am, 10.00-11.30am, 12.00-1.30pm, 2.00-3.30pm, 4.00-5.30pm, 6.00-7.30pm
Gym: 8-9.15am, 9.30-10.45am, 11-12.15pm, 12.30-1.45pm, 2-3.15pm, 3.30-4.45pm, 5-6.15pm, 6.30-7.45pm

  • Initially the Changing Rooms are open to Pool users only so we can limit capacity of our changing rooms.
  • All areas will have a capacity reduction
  • The Steam Room, Sauna & Jacuzzi are currently closed due to Social Distancing protocol.
  • Our Gym equipment is now all 2 metres apart and we have some equipment in our Studio area to allow for more Gym space
  • We have allocated a private gym area for single booking
  • All our classes will be in the Hotel Function room initially to allow for more numbers, we have a new Class timetable available at reception.
  • We are maintaining air flow throughout the building and we have a new air conditioning system in our Gym. Doors will remain open where possible.
  • We have carried out training with our team on the Coronavirus and our expectations of them during business and while carrying out our normal daily duties. All staff are fully aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the prevention of the spread of infection.
  • We have placed numerous sanitizer points throughout the Leisure Club
  • Our Leisure Club team are sanitizing regularly – gym equipment, door handles, push doors, lifts, buttons, lockers, light switches for example
  • New Deep Cleaning procedures are in place and every area will be cleaned between booking times.
  • Notices & Information sheets have been circulated to staff and are present in staff room
  • The chemicals we use cleaning & wiping down surfaces are cleaning & disinfectants all in one
  • Full chlorination takes place in our pool with pool testing and temperature testing carried out every two hours. We also have regular testing from CLS laboratories.
  • Chemicals are provided for sanitisation of gym equipment after use and we insist members use these.

We would also ask members to

  • Sanitise and wash your hands as often as possible
  • Cover nose & mouth when coughing
  • If you have any flu like symptoms please inform us as we have additional protocols in the handling of this instance.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Leisure Club team.