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The Fit Journey

Reach your fitness goals

The Fit Journey is an intensive and holistic programme that will transform your approach to fitness. From initial assessments, programme building, induction and nutritional guidance, this personalised approach is delivered with you in mind. Your goals, current fitness level, lifestyle and ability are all taken into consideration.

Our team will conduct an in-depth initial assessment with you at the beginning of the programme so they can tailor your plan to your needs. An induction will also be done to familiarise you with the equipment and our facilities at the Leisure Club to help you reach your goals. A technique check takes place after your first few weeks to make sure you are on track and your fitness plan will be tweaked again at this stage to ensure the best results from your training. We also offer nutritional advice to ensure you can maintain the results you’ve achieved by complementing it with a healthy diet. By the end, many of our members report having a whole new attitude to training from the experience they have had one-to-one with our team and have achieved some amazing physical results too.

For members signed up to our 12 month membership, this programme is free and is extended to 18 weeks in total.

For members on 3 or 6 month memberships, the fee is €70 for our six week programme.

Get in touch with our team today to get started on the Fit Journey now.

Call us on 063 33790 or email Shane on leisuremanager@charlevilleparkhotel.com.

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