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Mitchelstown Cave

  • Tel: 052 67246 or visit
  • Hours of Opening: 
    • April – September (Inc) 10.00am – 5.30pm
    • October – March (Inc) 11.00am – 4.00pm
  • Admission:
    • Adult: €6.00
    • Child: €2.00
    • Tours: €15.00 every hour
  • Distance from Hotel: 55.2 km /55mins
Mitchelstown Cave is one of the largest and most complex cave systems in Ireland. On the guided tour you will follow ancient passageways and visit massive caverns in which you are surrounded by indescribable dripstone formations, stalactites, stalagmites and huge calcite pillars and one of Europe’s finest columns the inspiring “Tower of Babel”  which stands some 9 meters in height.


Mitchelstown Caves was discovered on the 3rd of May 1833, by Michael Condon who was quarrying limestone when he accidentally dropped his crowbar into a crevice. He stooped down to pull out a few boulders to retrieve the bar, next minute he found himself looking down into a vast series of underground chambers, passages and caverns.


Michael was determined to explore his discovery, accompanied by two boys named Shelly, using only candles, a rope and a burning turf tied to a string to judge depths of crevasses, they cautiously entered the cave. After spending hours exploring, the cave turned out to be far bigger than they were expecting and in attempting to return to the safety of the entrance their candles burned out leaving them in complete darkness for twelve hours before the father of the two boys found them. This is how this astonishing phenomenon of nature was discovered, which might otherwise have remained unknown forever.


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