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Cork Wedding Photo Locations

Hello to all the lovely bride and grooms out there!

This week I am going to talk to you about different photo locations, your wedding photos last generations just look at shows like Who Do You Think You Are pulling our wedding  photos from generations past. While choosing your wedding photography can be a daunting experience remember when organising your ceremony & reception venue to search out local beauty spots for your forever wedding photos. And keep the weather in mind too, do you have a plan B??

My top tip this week is…

To ask your wedding venue what locations they recommend. This way you won’t be stressed looking and they are used to couples asking for advice in this area. It is also important to talk to your photographer and see where they would recommend for you. The location is all about your style and theme of the wedding. There are many beautiful locations in Ireland and I’m sure you will find the perfect one. Below is a list of gorgeous photo locations around us at the Charleville Park Hotel.

Doneraile Park

The Park comprises approximately 166 hectares and is an outstanding example of an 18th century landscaped park in the ‘Capability Brown’ style. Mature groves of deciduous trees, several restored water features and a number of deer herds can be viewed along the many pathways within the Park.

To view their website click here

Kilmallock Abbey

The proper title for this abbey is St Saviour’s Priory. It was established in 1291 on land acquired with Royal consent from the landowner John Bluet. The monastery with its nave and chancel church was built by Gilbert Fitzgerald. It was extended in the early part of the 14th century by Gilbert’s son Maurice. He added a tall bell-tower, halfway along the length of the church, a south transept with a west aisle and also added an aisle to the south side of the nave.

To view their website click here

Adare Park

A beautiful park situated in the picturesque village of Adare.

Adare Park consists of beautiful walks and pathways. There is a thatched gazebo and seating throughout the park. It’s setting makes it an ideal location for wedding photographs.

It has winding tree lined paths to go for a pleasant walk or you can choose to lounge on one of the many benches and savour the verdant and peaceful location. The park is very well maintained with trimmed green spaces and colourful flower beds dotted all around. One feature of the park is the lovely thatched gazebo, which plays a part in village events and is a popular photographic background for the many weddings that take place in Adare all year round. Another feature is The Washing Pool.

To view their website click here

Lough Gur

Lough Gur is a lake in County Limerick, Ireland between the towns of Herbertstown and Bruff. The lake forms a horseshoe shape at the base of Knockadoon Hill and some rugged elevated countryside. Lough Gur is a shallow lake measuring 3.5 meters at its deepest level. The lake is fed from underground springs and is not free flowing. The lake and the surrounding area is known to be one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites. Humans have lived in Lough Gur since Neolithic times. The site of Lough Gur is the only area in all of Ireland where you will see visible remains of every age of mankind throughout the centuries.

To view their website click here

Terra Nova Garden

Terra Nova is one of Ireland’s best known small, privately owned gardens and is a firm favourite with garden visitors of all ages. A half-acre that appears so much larger due to the use of weaving pathways, imaginative features and an ingenious use of space, nothing goes to waste here in this lush oasis.  Originally a wet, boggy field full of horsetail and rushes, it has been transformed beyond recognition and now features regularly in the media.  A past winner of the prestigious title of “Best Garden in Ireland”, Terra Nova is dynamic, a space that never stands still. Although it is without doubt, a plant lovers garden, it offers so much more.

To view their website click here

Coolwater Garden

Coolwater, a wonderfully, artistically designed garden on half an acre, steps to the beat of a different drum with its breath-taking Water Garden, numerous alpine troughs crammed with choice specimens and a chimerical West Garden.

To view their website click here

See you next Wednesday for top tips on Music.

Happy Planning!

Sarah – Jane x