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The Perfect Wedding

John & Emer's Perfect Wedding

Q: How did you meet ?

A: John: It was through friends of ours, one of my friends was friends with one of Emer’s friends and they kind of suggested that we meet up. So then one night outside Riordan’s in Cork I don’t know I couldn’t shake her. We kind of just got on well with each other. I suppose Emer puts up with me as well, so when you find someone like that you try keep them.

Q: Tell us about the proposal.

A: Emer: We went down to Inchydoney for the weekend, it was supposed to be just because he wanted to do silage for the summer and I thought this was my weekend for holidays for the summer and all day long he was like “oh we’ll just do that now we’ll just do this” and I was just like “when are we going for a drink or dinner”and he said “oh we’ll go there in a while” and I was like “oh my God are we ever going to eat”

Q: You must’ve been starving?

A: Emer: Yes, and then before we went down for dinner, I turned around and there he was on one knee and so I was like oh my God get up.

Q:Why did you choose The Charleville Park Hotel ?

A: We partly guessed we would have a big wedding so we wanted somewhere that would accommodate a big crowd and somewhere with a lot of parking and lots of rooms. We wanted somewhere that was really good with food because food was really important to us.

John: Yes, we’re all country people so we like our big dinners so that’s what we were looking for and kind of a country atmosphere. We chose The Charleville Park Hotel because we heard a lot of good things about the hotel, we got a good vibe when we went there, we were treated like royalty, It felt special every time we were there.

Everything went so smoothly, we weren’t really worried about anything. There was someone at our beckoning call all the time, they made us feel relaxed and I suppose we didn’t have to worry about anything really, I didn’t anyway

Emer: Yeah everything was so much fun like I didn’t expect it to be so much fun, there was always a member of staff near you if you wanted anything, It was brilliant!