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Hello to all the lovely bride and grooms out there.

This week I am going to talk to you about wonderful table center pieces.

As many of you know Pinterest is the key place to save décor idea, especially table center pieces and it can help you to keep your ideas together.

Center pieces can make the room and they can tie the theme of your wedding together in harmony.

Today’s top tip is Moon Gates

If you browse Pinterest these days you see the Moon Gates trend everywhere, from table pieces to Moon Gates hanging at different levels in the ballrooms. Moon Gates are originally a feature of Chinese architecture, which has now taken the wedding industry by storm. Chinese culture associates the full moon with a happy life, bringing joy & undeniable happiness to wedding couples around the world. So, we had to get on top of this trend!

We have just added these amazing décor pieces to our collection here at the hotel. They are absolutely beautiful in the centre of the tables. They are not only eye catching, but they add to the style of our Deerpark Suite seamlessly. We can dress them for any season of the year as they are so versatile.

Why not come in for a show around and see the beautiful hoop center pieces for yourself. Here are some pictures to give you some inspiration for your very special wedding day.

See you next Wednesday for top tips on choosing the perfect chair for your Wedding Day.

Happy Planning!

Sarah-Jane x