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Wedding Cake Trends

Hello to all the lovely bride and grooms out there!

This week I have decided to look at yummy wedding cake trends.

Wedding cakes go back as far as the ancient Rome, they did it a little differently though. The groom would break a loaf of bread over the bride head which symbolises fertility.  The guests would all run and pick up the crumbs from the bread as it was known as good luck.

My Top tip this week is….

 to look into what flavour & style of cake you would like at your wedding….cake tasting is a must!!

Cakes can be designed to suit on your personalities or wedding theme. You can go for a sweet based cake, savoury or both. They are beautifully designed by very talented bakers.

Below are some of the most popular types of cakes we’ve seen for 2019 in the Charleville Park Hotel.

 Foliage, Fruit & Floral Garnishes

Flowers, leaves, herbs and fruits can now be found on fabulous wedding cakes – can you believe it! The foliage touch is a huge trend this year, creating a natural feel and gives the cake an amazing look. Place it in front of our flower wall for breath-taking photos!

 Personalised Details

Personalised details are becoming more and more popular. From initials, portraits or sculptures of the couple, to hand painted illustrations of the couple’s love story. This can be very personal making it all about you, the beautiful couple.

 Alternative Cakes

Are the new trend! Some couples are now opting not to have a wedding cake on show, and choosing just a one layer cake or a table with many delicious desserts.  My favourite are the stacked macrons and a donut wall. There are so many amazing ideas out there for you big day with many possibilities.

Cheese Cakes

Cheese wedding cake in my eyes is a wow factor. This is tiered cake is made from wheels of cheese rather than tradition cakes. This is because some couples are now choosing to go savoury instead of sweet. You can serve it with crackers and grapes after dinner or save it for the next day celebrations. This fresh new trend is a great idea, that everyone can dive in and enjoy it.

See you next Wednesday for top tips on flowers for your perfect day.

Happy Planning!

Sarah – Jane x