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Hello to all the lovely bride and grooms out there!

This week I am going to help with some ideas on unique & alternative wedding entertainment.

This entertainment in my mind is the most fun and energetic part of a wedding. Everyone is getting involved, while mingling with one another. Your photographer can move among your guests & get some fantastic candid shots of them being blown away by a magician, acting silly because of a hypnotist or singing along with a surprise musical act!

It can be one of the most memorable parts of a wedding for not only the bride and groom, but also the guests.

My Top tip this week is….

To really think about what type of entertainment you would like at your wedding, what do you imagine having on your special day? Would your friends and family get a giggle from a magician or are they more of a singing & dancing crowd? These entertainers can be personalised to your interests and passions. I have created a list below, of popular ideas what we would find here at the hotel.  There are also other magical ideas out there. I suggest that you have a google, and you never know, the perfect one could just pop up for your special day.

Photo Booth, Magic Mirror & Selfie Mirror

These can be used to take fun photos and videos while giving your guests the ultimate dressing room experience. You can capture memorable moments with your friends and family of this magical day. There can be props that can be used, that are fun and very entertaining. Each of these are different, so why don’t you check them out for yourselves and see which you suit you both the best.

Hypnotist & Magician

All hypnotists are different, but many use a relaxation technique with intense concentration, while focuses on attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. Your guest’s attention is so focused while in this state that anything that goes one around the guests is temporally blocked out.

A magician is someone what will entertain and audience by performing magic tricks which causes effects on illusions on the guests. These tricks will seem impossible for your guests to understand and cause supernatural moments for your guests.

They are both very enjoyable and the guests really do get involved in the performance. The performers are very talented and you guests will be wowed.

Singing Waiter

Singing waiters are so much fun! very spontaneous. They appear as just your average waiter at your wedding and blend in without people noticing them. They then suddenly stop and burst into song! no warning and can come from any area of the room. The guests can join in and enjoy this spectacular performance.

Irish Dancers

Irish dancing is the most famous dance in Ireland, the dancers can wear elaborate dresses, large wigs, and makeup for their performance. The dancers do both solo dances and in groups. This performance is truly special, it is all about the Irish heritage going back many generations and cultures. The dancers are very talented and would add an Irish twang to your special day.

LED Dance floor

An LED dance floor Is an illuminated/sparkling dance floor with LED lights. The floor tiles light up with different colours. This is used to make the dancing more fun in the evening of your wedding. Why not check out videos on YouTube, to get a feel of what you wedding night could be like.

P.S. We have our wedding fair, here at the Charleville Park Hotel on the 15th September from 2-5pm.

See you next Wednesday for top tips on wedding cakes.

Happy Planning!

Sarah – Jane x